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‧ Please take off the Tattoo Bandage after 3 days.

(You can keep it for 3 days and don’t need to remove it when you are taking shower.)

*Tattoo Bandage will be so bloody or fully inked that’s nomal.

‧ For Hypersensitive skin: If you feel uncomfortable or itching on your tattoo with the Bandage, please put some water to remove it gently.


‧ You can take shower as usual without the Tattoo Bandage. However, you SHOULD NOT blast your tattoo with water directly. When you are done, use a clean towel to soak up the water, and apply a thin layer of tattoo cream.


‧ The healing period varies from people, it normally takes 2-3 weeks.

Your tattoo will get flakes during the healing period, like all wounds. You SHOULD NOT scratch or peel them off, let them fall off naturally. Avoid, swimming, sun tanning or soaking your tattoo in very hot water (e.g. hot spring/spa) during the healing period.


‧ Keep it clean, dry and put the cream on 1-2 times a day until it is completely healed. If you have pets at home, you should keep your wound away from your pets at all time.


‧ 紋身後請貼著紋身膠膜至少三天,沖涼時不用除下,但避免直接沖灑 膠膜位置,以免入水。(若入了水,便要除下。)


‧ 紋身後的首兩三天,傷口仍會有血水滲出時,有機會讓整個膠膜裡全 是血水或墨水,請不用理會,三天後除下,沖涼時輕輕沖洗紋身便可。



‧ 紋身痊癒期間,不時用濕的紙巾輕輕地清潔紋身,避免細菌感染。


‧ 當紋身未完全復原,都不可游水、曬太陽或浸熱水。 癒合期因人而異, 一般需要2~3個星期。跟普通傷口一樣,會結疤、換皮和痕癢,不要抓它, 要讓它自然地脫落。 (抓它會令紋身腫起,有機會令紋身永久不回復正常狀態。)



‧ 盡量保持紋身清潔和乾爽,每日搽修復膏1~2次直至完全復原。 癒合期間,紋身傷口應盡量避免和動物有直接接觸。

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