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Tattoo Consent


To ensure a smooth tattooing process and to protect our customers' informative right, it is our (Secret Store Tattoo) responsibility to describe the tattooing procedure and its possible consequences to our clients as follows:

  • According to the Common law of Hong Kong, it is illegal to tattoo a customer who is under the age of eighteen.  Should any related legal responsibilities arise due to deliberate making false statement of ages, our shop does not hold any responsibilities.

  • People who are pregnant, suffering from any form of infectious diseases, cardiovascular or liver problems, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar/glucose), diabetes, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), sexually transmitted diseases, or psychiatric problems should not get tattooed. Should any related complications arise due to deliberate hidden medical history, our shop does not hold any responsibilities.

  • Different individuals may have different reactions to the tattooing procedure physically despite of its appropriate operation, and it may result damage to the human skin to a certain extent.

  • Since the tattoo ink is not a natural biological material, it can cause different degrees and kinds of allergies, e.g. itchiness for a period of time after tattooing.

  • To ensure a smooth tattoo process, customers should have enough rest prior the tattooing procedure. One should avoid having a full or empty stomach before getting a tattoo.

  • Tattooing causes a certain degree of pain. However, anesthesia is usually not recommended, as different individuals react differently to it. It can usually only partially reduce pain on the epidermis. Getting a tattoo thus may result in different physical condition, e.g. black out due to intense pain. Nevertheless, such complication is usually caused by inappropriate sitting position and intense mental state, resulting in temporary unbalance blood pressure in the body. Such condition is called Postural Hypotension, which can be treated by immediate rest and consumption of salt, water and electrolyte. Appropriate stretching exercise during the tattoo procedure can also prevent such complication.

  • Aftercare is very important for tattoos; it can affect the brightness of the tattoos and one's skin recovery. If cared inappropriately, it may result in slow recovery, infection and thickening of the skin, or color fading in the tattoo.

  • The transparent protective wrap should be taken off two hours after the tattoo procedure. The wound should then be cleaned under warm running water, dried with plain tissue paper (without fragrance), and covered with a thin coat of tattoo cream provided by our shop. During tattoo recovery, the wound should not be cleaned with soap or covered with unauthorized cream. Otherwise, our shop shall not bear any consequences caused.

  • During tattoo recovery, it is advised to avoid alcohol, spicy food, apply sauna treatment, bathe (but shower instead) or swim. It is important to avoid having direct sunlight on the tattoo for a long period of time. Also, the tattoo wound should be kept hygienic at all times.

  • The calluses of the tattoo usually start to fall off naturally three to seven days after the procedure. During this period of time, do not pick the calluses, the wound will be healed naturally around fifteen days later, and healed completely after thirty days under normal circumstances.

  • After the tattoo procedure, antiseptic must be applied. It is highly recommended to use the tattoo cream our shop provides. Should the customers refuse to receive the antiseptic treatment or apply medication which is not authorized by our shop after getting a tattoo, we do not hold any responsibilities for its consequences.

為保證紋身過程順利進行, 讓客人(被紋身者)更了解紋身的基本認知及護理之權利, 本店Secret Store Tattoo有義務告知客人下列的紋身程序及紋身過程中涉及其他有可能出現的情況,並加以說明:

  • 根據香港法例規定,禁止十八歲以下人士進行紋身。如隱瞞年齡而施行紋身所造成的任何法律後果均由紋身者負責。

  • 孕婦、有傳染性疾病、有傳染性皮膚病、心腦血管疾病、嚴重過敏體質、肝病、低血糖、愛滋病、性病患病及精神系統的疾病或無完全行為能力者, 不能接受紋身。如隱瞞病狀而施行紋身所造成的任何後果由紋身者負責。

  • 紋身會對人體皮膚做成一定程度損傷,即使操作方法及儀器本身沒有問題,有時亦會因個人體質不同而產生某些不適症狀。

  • 紋身顏料方面:由於色料不是人體自身的物質,所以在刺入身體後有些人可能會出現不同程度的過敏反應, 如癢, 發紅等症狀。

  • 紋身前:為施行紋身過程順利, 紋身者應有充足睡眠,不可空肚或進餐過飽。

  • 紋身過程:紋身會有一定程度的痛楚,紋身的過程通常不建議施行麻醉劑,但會因應個別情況施行麻醉劑,而該麻醉只為表皮的局部麻醉,麻醉效果會因人而異。因此,紋身過程中的痛楚可能會出現各種的不適或疼痛而引發其他症狀,一般會有頭痛現象,嚴重如休克。大多是出於紋身者處於不正常的坐姿,而使身體血壓分佈不平均。當針刺入皮膚時,疼痛感令身體收縮, 心理上緊張以致血壓瞬間降低而產生類似〝姿態性低血壓〞的頭暈現象,此情況需告知紋身師得作一個小休息,再攝取適當的鹽同水份,補充足夠的電解質,情況會好轉;並適時的伸展身體,保持血液循環流暢,預防頭暈現象。

  • 紋身後的護理:這點是非常重要,對紋身圖案的色澤及皮膚的康復程度都有直接影響,如不注意這點,可會令傷口難以痊癒、感染細菌、表皮增厚等。即使傷口癒合後也會有脫色情況。

  • 處理傷口程序:覆蓋傷口的保鮮膜應於兩小時內拆除,再用溫水沖洗乾淨 (可用香皂或浴液清洗傷口部位),不要直接用花灑噴灑傷口,之後用不含香料或染料的紙巾印乾,塗上薄薄的藥膏。

  • 紋身過程完畢後必須經過抗菌消炎處理,並建議紋身者使用本店提供的紋身專用藥物,如紋身者拒絕接受抗菌消炎處理或不按本店建議的處理傷口程序,一切後果由紋身者承擔。

  • 傷口復原期間:傷口應常處於乾爽及清潔, 不可擅自使用其他未經認可的藥物,否則出現任何其症狀和後果本店恕不負上任何責任。飲食方面:紋身者不可飲酒或食辛辣性食物、不可蒸桑拿、不可游泳和長時間暴露於陽光下,亦不可浸浴或使傷口接觸不潔的環境等。

  • 紋身痊癒時間:正常紋身傷口約三至七天內會有脫皮現象,期間會有一些痕癢的感覺,此階段代表傷口仍在復原中,不要刻意弄走死皮或抓癢傷口,讓它自然脫落。正常情況會在十五天內至初步康復, 三十天能夠完全復原。(亦因應紋身圖案大細再作復原時間的多少)

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